It is one's endless endeavour that he could make the whole world one village. Sensibility is the vital scenario behind this utomst dedication.

Mr. Saliya Madampitiya

Managing Director & CEO Greencova (PVT) Ltd.

About Greencova

Company Overview

Commencing with strong desires currently greencova company deals with the international market and the main international market is Korea. Grasping innovative strategies we have been able to make products, vice versa our customers have paid reliability on us. With this accomplishment greencova has made relevant procedure to expand the business across the globe such as Japan , China German and America. The key role behind this growth is openness to customer based products and punctuality in service. We are much concerned about supplying products quickly and fast. This has become much conducive for the customer to aim their needs.


greencova is a company that manufactures coir products with highly innovative system. A special method is introduced to the customer based on sample system which is much conducive to select the product easily. Ultimately we are ready to deliver your need by concerning your selection. Since the products are manufactured through an eco friendly system this has become more favourable to the environment. Coir log , Coir net , Coco mat , Coir rope , Grow bag , Coco feed , Coir Chips are the products which greenvcova has introduced to the market. The key benefits of our products are affordability and reliability of the quality.

Manufacturing & Distribution

It should be mentioned that most parts of the world have become urbanized and industrialization spreads very fast. Therefore countries make efforts in order to create natural environments. By means of long term experiments greencova was able to find a lasting solution. Currently most of the countries implement a procedure in making a natural environment. “Coir net” is used for this task and this material is the most appropriate for it. In addition, prevention from soil erosion is the other benefit of using it.

We are pleased to informing that using coir net has become more environmental friendly and countries have paid great attention on using this material. greecova intends to expand these products across the globe by concerning a wide perspective towards the environment.